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PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2013 3:50 pm    Post subject: LIVER CANCER CASE ? Reply with quote

Case :

44 years Old Man with 20 years old C hepatitis in anamnesis (he hadn't received adequate treatment options
and consumed a lot Alcohol).
Last month he feels pain in abdomen region, common common fatigue and has temperature 39-37 C.
27 days ago was made MRI without contrast and these focal neoplasia was leser in size.
Alpha pheto protein level is very low (negative).
(Alpha pheto protein Level is normal)

Laboratory Findings:


result normal
ALT 37U/L (21-72 U/L)
AST 32U/L (17-59 U/L)
GGT 106U/L (38-126 U/L)
(ALP) 122U/L (38-126 U/L)
(Total BIL)14Ámol/l (3-22 Ámol/l)
(Bc) 3Ámol/l (<5 Ámol/l)
C-RP 83 mg/l (<10mg/l)
(TP) 78 g/l (63-82g/l)

2)Anti HCV / HBs Ag
result normal
Anti HCV 2,474 (POS) (<0,165 NEG)
HBs Ag 0,057 (NEG) (< 0,150 NEG)

3) General Blood Test

result normal
WBC 15,07 + [10^9/L] (4,00-10,00)
RBC 4,95 [10^12/L] (4,00-5,50)
HGB 139 [G/L] (120-175)
HCT 41 [%] (36,0-52,0)
MCV 82,7 [fL] (76,0-96,0)
MCH 28,0 [pg] (27,0-35,0)
MCHC 339 [G/L] (300-360)
PLT 443 +[10^9/L] (150-400)
RDW-SD 38,3 [fL] (35,1-46,3)

4) Coagulogram test
result normal
PT by quick 15,4 10-14
prothrombine activity 89,6 70-110
INR 1,13

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