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PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2013 11:50 am    Post subject: ILUMA IMTEC Cone Beam Dental X-ray/Scanner WARNING Reply with quote

First of I'm an RT (R)(CT). I've been using this machine for about 5 years now and I've become so frustrated with it as well as their technical support staff that I feel compelled to warn as many people as possible to never purchase this POS. Everyone who crosses paths with this thing absolutely hates it! Our Dr.'s, patients, radiologists, office managers and the techs who use it. If you google image the unit you will notice that some of the same exact models either do or don't have a head support piece affixed to the back of the chair. The unit DOES NOT come with head support although it is advertised that it does. The amount of people you will have to do repeat scans on due to lack of proper head support and motion is well more than half. Or a pt. will refuse to be scanned again due to fear of overexposure no matter how little the dose in fact is. Its just way too much unnecessary grief for something that should be as simple as sitting in a chair, which IMTEC has managed to complicate. Out of the mouth's of ILUMA themselves, when I mentioned I was never given said head support I've seen advertised online and in medical journals, I was told, "We don't provide that head support piece anymore because when the gantry spins around the pt. it slams into the head support!" "They actually put the scanner on the market advertised with a known defect! There's still a picture of the scanner complete with the faulty head support on the screen saver image on my monitor they hooked up! The gantry also come's extremely close to the patients shoulders, again causing motion and in turn pt. anxiety due to repeats all of which are obvious no concern to ILUMA/IMTEC. Reconstructions are very slow and the software doesn't allow you to take a scan while doing a reconstuction, or take a scan while sending a scan to PACS. There's a myriad of other smaller problems encountered over the years as well from issues with burning CD's, bad pixels, memory issues and the always frustrating random noise filled bad scan. Please keep in mind QA/QC still done daily and monthly.

Like I said this has been going on for years and I'm fed up again today so I found this forum after actually looking at Consumer reports in an attempt to warn anyone shopping for a scanner like this......STAY AWAY!


Joined: 19 Mar 2013
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 10:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

ILUMA strikes again! Just had another patient where we needed to see the mandible. Chair wouldn't go high enough to do so. Had to prop phone books and paper packages under the PT to prop them up. Then their feet were off the foot rests. Had to stack paper under their feet. Patient then unable to hold still enough during 40 second scan due to lack of proper head support which the unit has never provided. Repeat scan at 20 seconds after a uncomfortable exchange about radiation exposure with PT. Patient themselves asks, "Maybe if there was something I could rest the back of my head on instead of just this chin cup I wouldn't move!" Whole procedure lasts 20 minutes!

STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!

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