1. eri says

    Radiology is not a major. Your choices are either radiology tech (usually a 2-year program at a community or technical college) or radiologist, which involves getting a 4-year college degree (major in anything and take the premed courses in bio, chem, physics and math), 4 years of medical school, and 5 years of residency (further training). You can do premed at any 4-year college or university.

  2. Zack M says

    Radiology is not a major and no where near a major its a practice in the medical-health field. You can be a radiology technician which is usually a associate degree or a 6 month program at your community college. Or a radiologist which wil take you more than 14 years.
    4 years in undergrad..(any major as long as you finish the required courses..biology, chem, physics, math, calculus, organic chem, labs etc…) 4 year med school.. than 5~7 year radiology residency..which is practice in radiology. you can earn up to 500 grand a year when your a radiologist

    Good Luck!!