What would be better to pursue a career Sonography or Radiology?

I am a little bit confused, I want very badly to start back to college within the next year but the school advisor suggests that I have an idea of what career path I’d like to pursue. I have always been interested in both Radiology and Diagnostic Sonography. The community college I am going to attend has degrees for both. I have talked to several x ray technicians at the hospital and both have said its best to get a degree in Radiology before getting a degree in Diagnostic Sonography. A couple are now enrolled in the Sonography program. I really am leaning toward Sonography but the degree is new to the school just this year and I’m afraid it may not be accredited and that I would not be able to find a job after graduation. Is there a demand for both careers at the moment? Every website I’ve come across says there is but I just want to make sure I’m not getting myself into something that’s not so great a choice. Thank you for reading this, and for those who answer thank you in advance, your advice and opinions matter greatly to me!


  1. Laura in North Carolina says

    The Sonographer programs are harder to get into simply because there are fewer programs and they take such a limited number of people. I would suggest starting in Radiology. There is a demand for both jobs.