What Branches Can You Pursue After Completling X-ray (radiography) School?

Please do not get radiography confused with Radiology. I am currently a Radiography student. I’m in my 3rd semester of school. I will finish school May 2008 and I want to start looking at different opportunities before graduation. I am willing to continue going school. Any helpful information is greatly appreciated. Thanks


  1. Sandrea V says

    You can specialize in MRI, CT, Angio without having to go to school. You just have to have a healthcare facility willing to train you. The down side is that most facilities offer these special training modalities to their long term employees.
    A lot of people go into Ultrasound as a specialty after finishing X-ray school. Most programs for ultrasound will be another two years and difficult to get in to…meaning you have to maintain a very high GPA. Most programs take 3.8 and above. You could also try becoming a PA….a lot of rural areas would use your radiology background plus a PA license to help out in their departments. If rural enough you may even help in the diagnostic and reading process of films.
    You could also get your Bachelor degree in healthcare managment and become supervisor and or manager of a medical imaging department.

  2. chunkych says

    It really depends on what you like but definitely do additional training. Hardest to easiest: MRI, u/s, mammo, ct, and then plain xray. You will likey get paid pretty well with all of the above and MRI or u/s the highest. Mammo and MRI have no or less on call responsiblities. Ultimately, pick what interests you most. The other stuff will fall in place
    good luck