1. Myron The Bloody Siren says

    Salary would vary a bit geographically and depending on how many hours you work, but they are comparable. The work is very different so I think it’s important to decide whether you’re more of a technical person or if you prefer patient interaction as your primary job funciton, not that either one will be exclusively one and not the other but they are very different in what the job functions are. As an MRI tech, you will have a goal of generating the highest quality diagnostic images for the radiologists to be able to read most easily. As a nurse (RN), you’ll be directly involved in caring for the patient during their hospital stay whether or not they’ve had surgery.

    For me, I’d prefer to be an MR Tech.

  2. C C says

    I can’t answer about an MRI Tech, but to be an RN you need to go to college 4 years to get your BS in Nursing then take your State Boards for your license. Job opportunities & salary depend on where you work but in the Northeast you could make around $50,000- 60,000 or more depending on shift work too.It might be lower in the south but higher in California or if you worked in a Specialty with Certification.Compare those figures to a MRI tech then make your decision.