Won’t doctors be out of work in the next 20 years because of technology?

For example: Let’s take an oncologist for example (someone who studies cancer). What stops an engineer from making a scanner that allows someone to simply scan the area of a person’s skin where the “affected area” is. And the scanner will search through the database checking to see if the rash is benign or malignant. […]

What to do when finding work is your work?

Hi. More than a year ago I finished my Masters study Biomedical Engineering. I have had about 18 job interviews and countless number of letters have been written. I’ve visited every Acadamic Hospital in my Country for a Job Interview and many Universities. I am just never chosen. I would love to do some promotion-research […]

Do Ultrasound techs work with prenatal patients for regular ultrasounds or does the OBGYN normally do them?

I have tried to contact a few ultrasound technicians, to ask them questions about the field and job market, via OBGYN offices and diagnostic centers, but a few places told me that the doctors do the ultrasounds themselves. Is that typical?

Is it hard to find work in the US as a Radiation Therapist with a BS?

I’m looking for a serious career change, and I really want to make sure it’s a stable field – especially since I have a family to support. I’ve done my research, and BLS.gov (among others) states that radiation therapy is an excellent choice due to salary and job outlook over the next ~10 years, but […]

any medical sonographers work at st francis hospital in lynwood, ca ?

i want to become a sonographer but i hear so much mixed information about accredited and non accredited schools. I met 2 sonographers who worked in the radiology department at st francis medical center and they both went to the same school and it was not an accredited school.. i cannot remeber the name of […]

what qualifications would i need to work in the radiology career area?

i would quite like to do something in radiology but what qualifications would i need, i’m taking maths and physics at A-level and was wondering if that’s enough and where to go from then considering degrees. i would quite like to do something in radiology but what qualifications would i need, i’m taking maths and […]

Can I Go To School To Become An Ultrasound Tech In The U.s.a. And Come Back To Work In Canada Where I Live.?

i am from ontario and the ultrasound schooling courses are limited. is there a good accredited school in the states? and can i take the course there and come back to canada to work? if so what extras will need to be done to go to school in the states and to come back to […]

I Had A Work Related Job On Tuesday. I Feel On My Head And Got A Concusion Was Out Cold For 30 Minutes.?

the doctor at the clinic said i had a concusion but no cranial headbone damage. my skull wasnt cracked. he will not allow for a cat scan and i feel that i need one. i still have dizzy spells, and laps of memory a week later. the workers comp claims adjuster also will not allow […]