What’s the difference between Radiography and Radiation Therapy?

I am a 1st year college student, and am taking pre-requisites for the radiologic technologist program at my school, Pasadena City College. I’m also wondering if this is an accredited program? I am interested in the Nuclear Med field but heard that we must first become an RT first. I am clueless and any help […]

Radiography, Sonography, or Radiation Therapy?

I am interested in these three. I do know that ultimately, I would like to be either a sonographer or radiation therapist. However, I think it would be better to have the solid radiography background. Is it wise to go straight to sonography/radiation therapy? Or is it better to start with radiography and get certification […]

I want to do Radiation therapy?

So I am going to be starting classes soon. I found a few web sites saying that there is so many schools for radiation therapy, making the amount of students that graduate higher than the amount of jobs that are out there. They also said they think it will get worse by 2016. Anybody take […]

Will completing the Kaiser Permanente Radiation Therapy program help me get into med school?

I have an associates in allied health, and will be starting the radiation therapy program through kaiser permanente. It is 18 months and includes a fair amount of clinical experience. Because it is a hospital based program you do not receive a bachelors degree. You receive a certificate of achievment. Will this affect me from […]