Whats the process of switching from a Radiologic Tech to a Radiaton Therapist?

I currently am doing pre reqs to get an AAS degree in Radiologic Technology. I’m thinking that eventually i might want to work in Radation Therapy. Does anyone know whats the process of going into Radation Therapy after getting an Associates as a Radiation Technologist? How much more school is needed in order to do […]

Any Radiation Therapist out there?

I am interested in the field of Radiation Therapy and I am specifically looking for some in-site as to how a Radiation Therapist deals with the emotional challenges they face dealing with cancer patients. I have spoken to many in the medical field such as nurses and respiratory therapist but none that deal with cancer […]

Help!!! Radiation therapist?

i am thinking of working in the medical and particularly interested in this one because not much schooling is needed.However,i am also interested in becoming a doctor.If i study radiation therapy can it be an alternate route to becoming a doctor instead of entering premed . Is it a good field to study in?what are […]

Is a Bachelor’s Degree necessary to become a Radiation Therapist?

I’ve been researching this and some websites say A Bachelor’s Degree is not necessary to become a Radiation Therapist and all you need is an Associate’s Degree. However, I’ve seen websites saying that there are Bachelor Degrees in Radiation Therapy, so why would they have them unless they are needed? I can see that if […]

Which career earns more, less schooling and is more enjoyable? Ultrasound Tech or Physical Therapist?

I realize the two careers are very different and I have looked at both jobs extensively. Are both of these careers in high demand right now and do you think they will be around for awhile? I’d love to hear from Ultrasound Techs and Physical Therapists to hear your take.?

Is it hard to find work in the US as a Radiation Therapist with a BS?

I’m looking for a serious career change, and I really want to make sure it’s a stable field – especially since I have a family to support. I’ve done my research, and BLS.gov (among others) states that radiation therapy is an excellent choice due to salary and job outlook over the next ~10 years, but […]