Im thinking on studying “Radiologic Technology”, can anyone give me some more info?

I would like to know, preferably from people in the field, the following things: -are the classes hard? -how hard is it to get the certification from the American Society of Radiologic Technologists? -how much an hour? how are the prospects for advancement within the field? -how do you go on to get “trained/certified” to […]

Won’t doctors be out of work in the next 20 years because of technology?

For example: Let’s take an oncologist for example (someone who studies cancer). What stops an engineer from making a scanner that allows someone to simply scan the area of a person’s skin where the “affected area” is. And the scanner will search through the database checking to see if the rash is benign or malignant. […]

I have a bachelors degree in arts (IND) and i am looking for a career change in radiology technology in the US?

i have the foll questions 1. Can you do part time course in this field 2. how many years is it 3. what is the starting salary for a RT 4. what are the career prospects once you complete training in particular is it easy to find jobs in this field for beginners with no […]

Please Help! What is the difference between Nuclear Medicine Technology and Radiation Therapy Technology?

Please Help me! I am thinking about majoring in one of these programs, but I don’t know which to choose??? I am confused! What are the differences between the two? What does a Radiation Therapist do and What does a Nuclear Medicine Technologist do? What are their jobs? Serious Answers please! Thanks!

What California Universities offer Bachelor Degrees in Radiology Technology?

I’ve been searching around for good degree opportunities in Radiology technology other then an Associates Degree or Certification. I would love to attend a University to further my education beyond a community college as well as earn a B.S. degree. What universities in California offer B.S. degrees in radiology technology?