Can A Chiropractor (d.c) Legally Perform Ct (cat Scan) Imaging As The Technologist In The State Of Illinois?

I would like to know if a DC can perform x-rays, ct scans, and mri legally in the state of illinois. Would they be able to perform these scans on their own patients? Would they be able to automatically perform these with on the job training or would they have to and be able to […]

What do you need to complete before applying for Radiology Technologist school?

I am very interested in becoming a Radiology Technologist. There is a school here in Baton Rouge that is through the Baton Rouge General Hospital. I graduated high school with a good GPA but did not complete any college prep classes. What all do I need to get together before applying for RadTech school?

Why is it when looking between a career in Dental Hygiene and one in Radiology as a Technologist, or Nursing,?

the responses are all negative with respect to the dental choice? Are there no jobs in this field? The recent reports of medical careers being in high demand would make someone think that these were both good choices. Any positive responses are welcomed as I am considering several options in the medical area. Thanks.

Does it matter if you have an associate, certification, or bachelor’s degree for Radiologist Technologist.

My mother, who has no expeience in the field, insists that it matters if I have a Bachelor’s V.S. an Associate degree in Radiology. Is there a pay increase for a Bachelor’s degree? Also, how do you get certified to be a MRI Technologist?

Radiology Technologist looking for MRI/CT Programs?

Hi, I’m about to graduate as a Radiology Technologist and I’m having trouble finding certification programs in MRI or CT. The web searches have been less than helpful because they mostly lead to technician programs and I was hoping someone on here could give me specific hospitals or schools that will certify a technologist on […]

What program in college should I study if I want a career as a Radiologic Technologist?

I am going back to school!! I want to get my Associates Degree with hopes of a career as a Radiologic tecnologist or technician. The college offers Radiography, Nuclear Medicine Technology and Radiation Therapy Technology. I DO plan on talking to a advisor in the future i just want to get a suggestion for other […]