How important is it to be very good at math and science when going into ultrasound?

I’m starting ultrasound school and I’m wondering how important it is to be extremely good at math and science? I’m extremely interested in science and seem to be rather good at it now since I’ve gone back to college as an adult. However, on the math side, I’ve always struggled a bit. I’m starting out […]

Health science majors with great salary – radiology therapy?

What majors are there in the health science field that have a very good salary and require a masters degree at the most? I’m interested in radiology therapy and it only requires a bachelors degree. Any advice on radiology therapy and any other health science majors? I’m going to be taking biology, chem, and physics […]

What Is The Point Of Having A Bs In Radiography/radiologic Science And Other Similar Degrees?

I’m in radiography school right now but I’m wondering about getting a B.S degree because I keep hearing that there is no pay difference. I don’t want to waste my time getting a B.S if I could make more money getting a certificate in a specialization instead. I appreciate any input and information!! Thanks