Is there Any schools that offer a online associates degree in Radiology Tech?

I’ve researched it, but it’s hard to find. I’ve heard that there are some that you can get a degree online (i’ve graduated high-school ’09) and just study under the closest hospital nearest where you are that has the accreditation that is needed. Could you please tell me of some schools online where I could […]

public schools a joke??

why in america do we care more about the retards in the schools rather than the people who can actually make something of themselves, for an example no child left behind act… jsut stupid, why do we spend so much time and money on mentally challenged people, they will always be that way, they cannot […]

What Are The Accredited Schools For Ultrasound Technicians In Southern California?

When thinking about entering an ultrasound program, you need not be concerned so much about certificate vs. degree. What is important is that you go to an ACCREDITED program, whether it is college or hospital based. An accredited program allows you to take your registry (licensing) exams upon graduation. Once you get licensed, you will […]

Any Radiology Schools in MA?

Hello, I am closing in on my AA degree, and am thinking about transferring to a four year school in MA. I want to do a four year Radiology program, but i’ve searched and searched and can’t seem to find anything. Anyone know any specific schools or a nice website to search for some that […]