Mri School In Ca?

Does anyone know if employers require you to be a Radiology Technician in order to work as a MRI Technician. I have forund 4 schools in California that specialize specifically in MRI but I have been told by people that I must work as a Radiology Tech first. I’m not sure but if that is […]

Thinking About Going To Back To School In The Health Care/medical Field?

I am thinking about going back to school in the fall to begin training for a new career in the medical/healthcare field. Can anyone please give me some info on different options (nurse, x-ray tech, mri tech, etc, etc, etc) and what they involve and what they pay? I am not sure exactly what field […]

Online Schooling programs – what do you know about them? Which school is the best?

I’m currently a sophomore in a traditional university at Florida Gulf Coast University. I’m a psychology major. Up until a few weeks ago, I was sure this is what I wanted to do. Now I don’t. I really want to work full-time and become some kind of technician online, I’ve been looking at Ultrasound technicians […]

I want to ask radiology technicians. Which school did you go to and how much are you guys making now?

I live in California and I am trying to decide which school I should go to become a radiology technician. are those radiology technician schools any good (kaplan, devry, etc) and is there any requirements (classes i need to take before or GPA i need) to get into those schools? or should i just go […]

Will completing the Kaiser Permanente Radiation Therapy program help me get into med school?

I have an associates in allied health, and will be starting the radiation therapy program through kaiser permanente. It is 18 months and includes a fair amount of clinical experience. Because it is a hospital based program you do not receive a bachelors degree. You receive a certificate of achievment. Will this affect me from […]

Medical school question?

So I am about to be a senior at my high school in suburban Detroit and I plan to go to Wayne State University in Detroit and go to medical school to become a doctor. I have been told to take biophysics as my major by my physics teacher. He said that most students that […]