Was This Cat Scan Overkill?

I started having an inner ear infection a week ago after I had a cold and I had a bad case of vertigo/dizzy nausea. Then I had a few more attacks for a couple of days and on the weekend I had a pretty bad one at night time and went to the ER. I […]

Can A Chiropractor (d.c) Legally Perform Ct (cat Scan) Imaging As The Technologist In The State Of Illinois?

I would like to know if a DC can perform x-rays, ct scans, and mri legally in the state of illinois. Would they be able to perform these scans on their own patients? Would they be able to automatically perform these with on the job training or would they have to and be able to […]

How much does a CT, or CAT scan cost?

So, I have just been recently diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma…..a type of cancer…. I know this is the last thing that I should be worrying about, but my family is, by no means wealthy or well off (and never have been) and neither am I….. I live by myself, going to school part time and […]

MRI or Cat Scan tech?

I am looking into being an MRI or Cat scan tech but do not know to much information on it at the moment. Does anyone know how long schooling is and what the starting pay is for either? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cat Scan Advice Please?

I’m having a cat scan tomorrow at nine. They gave me two enormous bottles of Barium. Will it affect my body? Will it make me crap my pants or something? I’m really scared. My Mom is expecting me to return to school afterwards and I’m afraid something really bad would happen if you know what […]

Basal Ganglia Aneurysm Is What My Friend’s Cat Scan Showed. He Had Surgery A Few Days Ago; There Was Bleeding

…… in his head. I’ve researched on the net and discovered that there is a chance for rebleeding. It sounds serious. He had an angiogram(?) today where they went through a vein in his groin to check the bleeding, if any. The hospital has been keeping his BP “high”, otherwise, they say he could have […]