Radiation Safety – Health Physicist Position – Best Place to Advertise?

We are trying to fill a Health Physicist (Review Application for Radioactive Material Licenses) Position and would appreciate any suggestion on the best places to advertise. The deadline for applications is July 28, 2009 I setup this temporary link to make it easier to find the information. www.midasgoal.com Thank you

What exactly does this report mean? Nuclear safety inspection stuff?

An NRC-identified finding of very low safety significance with an associated Non-Cited Violation (NCV) of Technical Specification 5.4.1 was identified in the area of occupational radiation safety associated with the licensee’s failure to perform adequate job planning to evaluate the radiological hazards, as required by station procedures. Specifically, the licensee failed to properly assess the […]

Wi-fi safety?

I surf the net on laptop with a wireless connection. It’s usually quite close to my genitals and i was worried about the safety of this. Also how it would compare in terms of radiation absorption with keeping a cell phone in your hip pocket.

HSG Procedure – Safety questions?

My wife is getting an HSG (hysterosalpingography) procedure tomorrow and I wasn’t there for the initial consult. Are there any concerns about the nuclear dye or x-rays, especially because we are hoping for a healthy egg… Just worried about zapping the ovaries just prior to ovulation. Any help on direction or questions we should ask […]

Cosmic Ray Collisions argument for the LHC safety?

CERN compares LHC collisions to cosmic ray collisions in the atmosphere which happen routinely at many orders of magnitude higher than the LHC (100 TeV+). However, cosmic ray collisions happen with one particle at rest, which mean the resultant collision will have a conservation of velocity near C and escape harmlessly into the comos. The […]

Safety of physics radioactivity demonstration ?

I am in a further education college in the UK. Today the teacher did a practical demonstration using certain radioactive samples and a geiger counter to detect the radiation. I am quite concerned about the cancer risks associated with these materials e.g. cobalt, thorium, protactinium and rocks from Dartmoor. I worry about the possibility of […]


Having read the reports on the two men apprehended at Scipol airport on a supposed dry run; I got to thinking about what we out to look out for. The jihad, which calls for all out martyrdom might find us looking for men or women who would swallow a condom with C4 and a detonator […]

Clearly identify 4 major aircraft components of any large commercial aircraft & supply safety testing method?

Testing method has to be different for each. For example to test the rudder for cracks an ultrasound or x-ray might be taken. As a maintaince engineer, recommend appropiate inspection methodologies that can be implemented to overcome perceived or real deficiencies associated with visual inspection. (Large Commercial Aircraft – eg. Airbus A310 or Boeing 747) […]

I ran an empty microwave for about 8 minutes. It still runs just fine. Is it a safety hazard?

I realize a microwave is or so; it’s not a particularly big deal. I guess I’m wondering if there is a chance of radiation leak or the microwave undergoing more structural damage; i.e., blowing up and killing me, my loved ones, or my neighbors. I’ve heard that the newer microwaves have devices that prevent from […]