Education and salary for radiology?

I just realized radiology is a career I can get into but I know nothing about it. How many years of education do I need and what is the salary (more specifically in San Francisco, California but any number will do). Basically I’m looking to get into the field of health/medicine such as dentistry, nursing, […]

Radiology career. Australia.?

I am interested in beginning a career in radiology. The uni degree’s are 4year. Although I’ve researched deeply on Uni websites about the course, and I feel that it’s a good choice, I’d really like to get something solid. I’m asking any radiologists, or students, to write a little about how the course was, or […]

Radiology technicians

Some questions about radiology technicians and their jobs… Please, serious answers only. Best answer gets 10 pts, of course. 1. What kind of money does a radiology tech make? 2. Is it an interesting or fun job? 3. How do you get a position at a hospital? Do you go in and apply in hopes […]