Im thinking on studying “Radiologic Technology”, can anyone give me some more info?

I would like to know, preferably from people in the field, the following things: -are the classes hard? -how hard is it to get the certification from the American Society of Radiologic Technologists? -how much an hour? how are the prospects for advancement within the field? -how do you go on to get “trained/certified” to […]

Whats the process of switching from a Radiologic Tech to a Radiaton Therapist?

I currently am doing pre reqs to get an AAS degree in Radiologic Technology. I’m thinking that eventually i might want to work in Radation Therapy. Does anyone know whats the process of going into Radation Therapy after getting an Associates as a Radiation Technologist? How much more school is needed in order to do […]

What program in college should I study if I want a career as a Radiologic Technologist?

I am going back to school!! I want to get my Associates Degree with hopes of a career as a Radiologic tecnologist or technician. The college offers Radiography, Nuclear Medicine Technology and Radiation Therapy Technology. I DO plan on talking to a advisor in the future i just want to get a suggestion for other […]

What is the difference between Radiologic Technologist, MRI Technologist, Ultrasound Technologist and CT?

I want to go to school in the medical field because I feel that i will be able to have a stable and secure job in this field. I know this question may sound dumb but everything I look up about these positions basically say the same thing. So whats the difference in both job […]

if i get a degree in radiation therapy, could i be a radiologic technician?

I know there is a difference between the two occupations… i believe a radiation therapist applies radiation to cancer patients and etc and are paid more and radiologic technicians just do x-rays on patients. However, the cheaper school in my area has the radiation therapy program, I would rather not deal with sick people because […]

Should I Become An Mri Technologist Without Getting A Radiologic Technician Certificate?

There is a school that just opened near my area that takes 22 months to become an MRI Technologist. The only drawback is that I will not get a certificate in Radiologic technology. Therefore I will not be able to give x-rays. Should I consider this program? I’ve applied to a few Radiologic Technicians schools […]

I Am Looking For A Radiologic Technologist (x-ray Tech Job) Where Do I Look At?

am having difficulty finding a job in my proffession of x-ray tech. I have searched monster and career builder and some other places online. If anyone knows of any online job agencies that are online please let me know. I live in texas. I would be an entry level tech because I just graduated. Please […]

Radiologic Tech Wants To Be Specialized In Sonography/ultrasound..?

I’m working towards a career to become a Radiologic Tech but, I truly want to specialize in Ultrasound. How do I go about doing so? Is it on hands training or do I need to continue my education after rad-tech school to become an ultrasound tech? I was told to become an ultrasound tech you […]