What’s the difference between Radiography and Radiation Therapy?

I am a 1st year college student, and am taking pre-requisites for the radiologic technologist program at my school, Pasadena City College. I’m also wondering if this is an accredited program? I am interested in the Nuclear Med field but heard that we must first become an RT first. I am clueless and any help […]

Radiography Program Question?

I’m currently planning to enter a entry-level radiography program and get a standard AART certification upon completion. What types of equipment will this program have certification in? X-ray is a given, but what others? Does CT and MRI have separete certification and schooling?

Radiography, Sonography, or Radiation Therapy?

I am interested in these three. I do know that ultimately, I would like to be either a sonographer or radiation therapist. However, I think it would be better to have the solid radiography background. Is it wise to go straight to sonography/radiation therapy? Or is it better to start with radiography and get certification […]

Radiography Schools in Florida?

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for information on what schools in Florida have Radiography programs. I mainly looking for schools that have MRI programs. Do you guys know any colleges? I really don’t want on-line colleges OR colleges that mainly have people over the age of 25 (i would rather interact with people my age). […]

Should I go into radiography?

I’m interested in going into radiography, but I heard the job outlook isn’t that great right now. If I’m really interested in it, should I just go for it and work hard to be the best, go to the best school, and hope I eventually find a job in the field? I mean, would I […]

Help! A degree in Radiography plus a certificate in Radiation Therapy or a degree in Radiation Therapy?

I’m so confused . I’m looking to start a new career and am interested in Radiation Therapy. The school I’m looking at offers an associates degree in Radiography, Radiation Therapy, and Radiation Therapy Specialist. When researching, some say you should get a degree in Radiography and then a certificate in Radiation Therapy Specialist, others say […]

Which is better to study…Radiation Therapy or Radiography?

Therapy – http://www.smccme.edu/catalog/2006-2007/index.php?section=5&navid=106&docid=254 Radiography – http://www.smccme.edu/catalog/2006-2007/index.php?section=5&navid=107&docid=258 When I say better, I mean which offers more job oppurtunities. Is Radiography more versatile than therapy. can i just get therapy training at work….etc….thanks folks.