Radiography Program Question?

I’m currently planning to enter a entry-level radiography program and get a standard AART certification upon completion. What types of equipment will this program have certification in? X-ray is a given, but what others? Does CT and MRI have separete certification and schooling?

Stuck on a question about Radiographs! help!?

The question is… Each successive panoramic radiograph appears lighter than the one before. Which of the following corrections should be made? A. Increase the mA setting. B. Increase the kV setting. C. CHange intensifying screens. D. Replenish the developer solution. E. Replenish the fixer solution. P.S. i appreciate any help with this, but I dont […]

Drivers license question!?

On Monday night I need to take a friend to an MRI. But I’ve only had my license for about a month. Is it true that, in Oregon, if I have a signed statement from my parent and the parent of the girl (also 17, no license) that I’m driving I can legally take her?

(Question for residents of Alaska!) I was recently on vacation in Alaska?

Last Christmas my grandmother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, god bless her heart, so while she was undergoing chemo and radiation therapy she wasn’t looking forward to vacationing in The Dominican Republic for spring break like we had originally planned so my parents had made other arrangements to take a cruise through Alaska it was […]

Question about Anime and Manga!?

Question 1: In what chapter ot book does serena (usagi) and darien Mammo-chan) marry in sailor moon? Question 2: What are some good animes about High school love similar to peach girl? these are the ones ive watched so don’t suggest these please: Sailor moon (loved) peach girl (loved) Romeo X Juliet (liked) Vampire Knight […]

Medical school question?

So I am about to be a senior at my high school in suburban Detroit and I plan to go to Wayne State University in Detroit and go to medical school to become a doctor. I have been told to take biophysics as my major by my physics teacher. He said that most students that […]

A quick pet question.?

My little brother goes to school. They cant afford to take care of the class pet, a guinea pig(spelling may be off), anymore. Me and my brother are excited, we’ve always wanted one! But heres were the problem comes in, my mom has cancer, is it safe to have a guinea pig or hampster? She […]

2nd bachelor’s degree question?

I have a BA in English, but would really like to go back to school so that I can work in the medical field. While there are associates programs in some of the programs I am interested in (respiratory therapy, radiation therapy, diagnostic medical ultrasound), there are bachelor’s programs too. As a bachelor’s is more […]

History question please help?

When did the federal government first grant all American women the right to vote? a. 1848 b. 1776 c. 1900 d. 1920 Which of the following medical breakthroughs began saving many lives in the 1800s? a. The discovery of penicilin and other antibiotics. b. The creation of vaccines for disease like tuberculosis and cholera. c. […]

Head trauma question?

My daughter was assulted at school a few days ago, taken to the ER, cat scan shows concussion,saw regular family doc today, goes to nuerologist tomorrow. She been blacking out and severe headaches, trouble sleeping. Is this just part of concussion or worse affects?