Online Schooling programs – what do you know about them? Which school is the best?

I’m currently a sophomore in a traditional university at Florida Gulf Coast University. I’m a psychology major. Up until a few weeks ago, I was sure this is what I wanted to do. Now I don’t. I really want to work full-time and become some kind of technician online, I’ve been looking at Ultrasound technicians […]

Schools in Connecticut or New York offering radiology tech on weekends or even nights?

I work full time Mon., Tues, Thurs. & Fri. until 6 p.m. I live in Danbury, CT and am looking for schools or hospitals that offer either of these programs on weekends or nights, but I’m having no luck finding anything. None of the CT Community Colleges offer any weekend classes and the latest classes […]

What schools in the PA-NJ-DE area have good programs that train for ultrasound technician careers?

Just thought I’d ask this for one of my younger cousins, in case she doesn’t know about Yahoo’s Q & A. Now that I think of it, the schools don’t have to be only based in PA-NJ-DE. If there’s a good national school with this program, let me know and I’ll look into their locations. […]

Are there accredited Sonographer programs for online study? What about Radiology Techs?

I live in a fairly rural area and am looking to persue a career as either a Radiology Tech or Sonographer. I have an associates degree in communications so I was wondering if there are any online programs for certification without having to take the whole associates program again. All I can find for online […]

Radiology Technologist looking for MRI/CT Programs?

Hi, I’m about to graduate as a Radiology Technologist and I’m having trouble finding certification programs in MRI or CT. The web searches have been less than helpful because they mostly lead to technician programs and I was hoping someone on here could give me specific hospitals or schools that will certify a technologist on […]

Hospital based radiography or physical therapy assistant programs?

I’m currently a student at UC San Diego. I was excited at first to get in, since its a competitive school, but now it’s taking me the long way to a degree. What I really want to do is radiology, and eventually nuclear medicine. Most of the programs in my area are either super expensive, […]