Is there anyone in the medical field, such as nursing or radiology,that has misdemeanors and able to get a job

Just wondering if there is anyone in my shoes, that has 2 class c misdemeanors and was still able to get a job in the medical field, such as nursing or radiology??? I was charged with “open container” and “littering” last year and wondering if this could really hurt me later on?? I am currently […]

What are some jobs in the health care field that have shortages of people besides nursing?

I was reading an article and I read this comment. forget a 4 year college This goes to show how a 4 year degree is becoming obsolete and a burden. A recent article on msn stated that almost 60 percent of America’s workforce, those with college degrees, are working in positions in which they are […]

Schools in Connecticut or New York offering radiology tech on weekends or even nights?

I work full time Mon., Tues, Thurs. & Fri. until 6 p.m. I live in Danbury, CT and am looking for schools or hospitals that offer either of these programs on weekends or nights, but I’m having no luck finding anything. None of the CT Community Colleges offer any weekend classes and the latest classes […]

Should I major in Nursing, Radiology, or Health Info Tech? I need a path that i can advance on.?

I want to go into the healthcare field I’m only working part-time now and can’t afford to major in something that will be of no use to me in the immediate future. I was leaning towards an associates Health Info Technology (i.e. coding) but the demand for nurses is high also. I really want to […]

Why is it when looking between a career in Dental Hygiene and one in Radiology as a Technologist, or Nursing,?

the responses are all negative with respect to the dental choice? Are there no jobs in this field? The recent reports of medical careers being in high demand would make someone think that these were both good choices. Any positive responses are welcomed as I am considering several options in the medical area. Thanks.