How much can an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant earn per hour in Merrillville Indiana ?

I have been a Dental Assistant for 7 yrs. I am proficient in Coronal polishing. I can take a DIAGNOSTIC set of Full mouth and Bite-wing Radiographs. I have Lab work experience, i.e., taking impressions, pouring plaster models and cleaning & polishing removable appliances. I was also responsible for training new Dental Assistants as hired. […]

I want to ask radiology technicians. Which school did you go to and how much are you guys making now?

I live in California and I am trying to decide which school I should go to become a radiology technician. are those radiology technician schools any good (kaplan, devry, etc) and is there any requirements (classes i need to take before or GPA i need) to get into those schools? or should i just go […]

How much does an entry-level ultrasonographer in S.F, Ca make? How Much does an entry-level MRI tech make?

I wanted to know how much an entry-level sonographer and an entry-level MRI tech in San Francisco make? I’ve searched all the salary websites, but I want to hear from actual sonographers and mri tech please. I’m planning on pursuing either sonography or a radiography program to become an mri tech.

How much does a CT, or CAT scan cost?

So, I have just been recently diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma…..a type of cancer…. I know this is the last thing that I should be worrying about, but my family is, by no means wealthy or well off (and never have been) and neither am I….. I live by myself, going to school part time and […]

Is there really not much difference of compensation between MRI technicians and Ultrasound technicians?

Will an Ultrasound tech have more job opportunities that MRI? I am curious because I am seriously considering attending an accredited college for either, but the MRI program is more accessible to me at this time. I also heard that hospitals have their own programs. How do I find them? Wondering what is process to […]