Can a licensed Nuclear med tech substitue as a medical assistant ?

I am certified in Nuclear Medicine technology, but there are few jobs open in Tampa, Florida. I did bp, ekg’s, phlebotomy etc. as a Nuc. med. tech. Could I use this experience as a Medical Assistant ? I also explained procedures to patients. Took patient info and insurance paper work. In an out patient imaging […]

Medical imaging, whats it all about?

Does anyone do this for a living. X-ray,MRI,CAT scan etc. I am in San Diego. Where did you go to school? ,how much did it cost, and how long was your program, how hard was your schooling? How does your day play out. What do you make starting out and what can you hope to […]

MRI or Medical assistant job in New Jersey?

I am considering going to school for either MRI technician or Medical Assistant job in New Jersey. any thoughts on the idea if you are currently one or the other, or suggestions on where i could go to school. I have noticed that a lot of the medical assistand schools are just certificates ( i […]

Medical school question?

So I am about to be a senior at my high school in suburban Detroit and I plan to go to Wayne State University in Detroit and go to medical school to become a doctor. I have been told to take biophysics as my major by my physics teacher. He said that most students that […]

Which career gives lots of openings in the job market today? Physician Assistant or Medical Ultrasound Tech?

Which career gives lots of openings in the job market today, for fresh grads? Physician Assistant or Medical Ultrasound Tech? Please reply. Don’t say “it depends on where you are.” It doesn’t help. I want to know generally in nation-wide. Thanks.

Is there anyone in the medical field, such as nursing or radiology,that has misdemeanors and able to get a job

Just wondering if there is anyone in my shoes, that has 2 class c misdemeanors and was still able to get a job in the medical field, such as nursing or radiology??? I was charged with “open container” and “littering” last year and wondering if this could really hurt me later on?? I am currently […]

Medical School Majors? Pre-Med.? HELP!?

I’m going to St. Louis University this fall and I’m going into Pre-Med. But I have to of course choose another major. I’ve been considering: 1. Clinical Laboratory Science 2. Classical Humanities 3. Radiation Therapy I don’t want to go into Biology, Chemistry, or Biochemistry – I don’t want to limit myself to that. Please, […]

Realistically speaking…what are my chances of getting accepted to medical school?

Freshman year – I got straight B’s and one A in Math during semester 2. Summer – Took history and got an A Sophomore year – Semester 1 – 2 B’s, 1 C in physics, and withdrew from math. Also, I spent this semester taking classes for another major…radiation therapy. Semester 2 – got a […]

How hard is it to find a residency program for radiology after medical school?

How competetive is it to find a residency program after completing 4 years of medical school in radiology? The reason of my concern is that I am considering radiology a career choice for myself. I know i have what it takes to get into medical school but once i am there the competition is a […]