What should I major in? (Pre-Med).?

I already know that I want to be a doctor and I’m going to work hard to get into medical school. But, right now I’m a high school senior going to St. Louis University for something/Pre-Med. I have some ideas, but need help: Stars indicate that I’ve been considering them the most… Biology Biomedical Engineering […]

Radiation therapy as a major?

Can you please tell me any specific information about Radiation therapy as a career? Like what does their daily job consist of doing exactly? I already read some informative articles about this therapy itself but i just would like to know a short explaination of details about it. I am very interested in claiming this […]

College and my major……?

I’m thinking about going to school to major in Radiologic Technology a.k.a. a radiologic technologist. Is this a good career is it safe and will the radiation im exposed to cause cancer and etc just asking. My other choice would be to major in respiratory therapy what do you all think about that???????

Should I major in Nursing, Radiology, or Health Info Tech? I need a path that i can advance on.?

I want to go into the healthcare field I’m only working part-time now and can’t afford to major in something that will be of no use to me in the immediate future. I was leaning towards an associates Health Info Technology (i.e. coding) but the demand for nurses is high also. I really want to […]

Do I have a good chance to get accepted into a P.A. program with my undergrad major?

I am planning on attending cal state northridge in fall 2008 with a health science major- radiation therapy. After I obtain my bachelors degree in radiation therapy, I would like to apply to a two- year p.a. program school such as Loma Linda, USC, or other ones in California. Am I on the right track […]

I am thinking about majoring in government but what jobs are available for a government major?

I really don’t want to be a lawyer, but I love my government class in college, and I would be interested in changing my major from Radiology to government if I knew that there is a good job outlook for pursuing a major in government, can someone please help me in answering this question, greatly […]

Is AP Biology a good class to take in high school if I am going to major in Radiation Therapy in college?

I’m not sure whether or not to take AP Biology because I will definitely have a lot of stuff on my plate for my senior year. I don’t know if it would be helpful in my studying during college making it easier…? Should I DEFINITELY take this class or will it just be a waste […]

Can you help me understand my major and requirements to get a job in Radiation Therapy?

I want to become a radiation therapist and treat cancer patients. I am majoring in radiation therapy technology and it is listed on page 59 at http://www.daltonstate.edu/catalog/09-10/part09.pdf . I went to my advisor and she told me the only way to get a job is by getting a bachelors after my associates at the school […]