I live in SW Florida and I am looking for a accredited Ultrasound Tech school?

I live in Port Charlotte Florida. I am looking for a accredited Ultrasound Tech school. I am about 1.5 hours from Tampa and 1 hour away from Fort Myers and .5 hours away from Sarasota so ideally I would much rather stay closer than Tampa but, cant seem to find a school. Any suggestions?

Does ultrasound technician’s gender matters when looking for a sonographer job?

I am currently interested in becoming a ultrasound technician. However, I want to know if my job opportunities will be limited by the fact that I am a male. I understand that many common ultrasound procedures are designed to work on a more private part of female body such as breast ultrasound or transvirginal ultrasound. […]

I have a bachelors degree in arts (IND) and i am looking for a career change in radiology technology in the US?

i have the foll questions 1. Can you do part time course in this field 2. how many years is it 3. what is the starting salary for a RT 4. what are the career prospects once you complete training in particular is it easy to find jobs in this field for beginners with no […]

Why is it when looking between a career in Dental Hygiene and one in Radiology as a Technologist, or Nursing,?

the responses are all negative with respect to the dental choice? Are there no jobs in this field? The recent reports of medical careers being in high demand would make someone think that these were both good choices. Any positive responses are welcomed as I am considering several options in the medical area. Thanks.

Need a new job, looking into auto repair but the pay stinks. Any related fields that pay better?

I am currently an MRI technician but am just not into it. I love working on cars but the base pay for a new auto technician is average at best. I am currently making an hour in michigan so it would have to be at least that. Is their any kind of specialties that would […]

Im looking for radiation therapy schools in florida. Where are they hiding?!?

I’m currently taking my general ed courses for a degree in radiation therapy NOT radiography. There only seems to be programs for a rad tech or radiography though. Does a professional in this field….or anybody know of schools in florida for *radiation therapy* specifically? Help!

Radiology Technologist looking for MRI/CT Programs?

Hi, I’m about to graduate as a Radiology Technologist and I’m having trouble finding certification programs in MRI or CT. The web searches have been less than helpful because they mostly lead to technician programs and I was hoping someone on here could give me specific hospitals or schools that will certify a technologist on […]

Im currently looking for a new career and im leaning towards a radiology tech. Do they make good money?

I have other options but radiology tech seems interesting and easy enough to not stress me out. On the other hand, im at a point where I need to start making some real money and Im not getting any younger, so if this wont cut it financially then I will find a new path. Anybody […]

Looking into radiology as a career?

I’m thinking about joining the medical industry and thought radiology might be an interesting career. Could anyone tell me what kind of schooling is required(I’m located in Portland, OR if that matters), what kind of annual pay I should expect, and the general level of demand for someone in that specific line of work?

I’m looking for more info on career in radiology (mammography, ultrasound, etc) as a tech. Any insight?

I’ve searched the internet, the college catalog in my city, and a number of other places but haven’t been able to find the info I’m looking for. Does anyone know what the qualifications are, what the schooling is, etc.? I’d appreciate any help! What about online certification? Is this an option? I already have an […]

I’m looking for a college in ether California or Colorado with a good radiology technician program.?

I have one more year of high school and I am looking for a good college in either Colorado or California at this point I don’t care which one as long as it is a good college I would prefer it to be a campus not an internet because I’m also want to get my […]

Hi, I’m Looking For A Good Mri School In The Ny/nj Metro Area…if Anyone Knows, Please Let Me Know…also, Ho

I believe there to be know such thing. You have to go to school for Radiology Technology first and get licensed in Radiography. At least that is how it is in MN. MRI is something that you are crossed train into. That is how I had to do it. I also looked for schools, and […]

I Am Looking For A Radiologic Technologist (x-ray Tech Job) Where Do I Look At?

am having difficulty finding a job in my proffession of x-ray tech. I have searched monster and career builder and some other places online. If anyone knows of any online job agencies that are online please let me know. I live in texas. I would be an entry level tech because I just graduated. Please […]