Is there such a thing as a Florida state License for Ultrasound Techs (Sonographers)? How do they get it?

I’m trying to find out whether or not Florida has a state license for Sonographers / Ultrasound Techs. This is not the same thing as a Radiology Tech. Ultrasound does not use radiation. Can someone help me? I’ve looked everywhere I can think of looking.

Drivers license question!?

On Monday night I need to take a friend to an MRI. But I’ve only had my license for about a month. Is it true that, in Oregon, if I have a signed statement from my parent and the parent of the girl (also 17, no license) that I’m driving I can legally take her?

Where can I go with a CNA license?

I just got a job that requires me to get my CNA license. I’ll be a home health aid. In other words, I’ll be going to peoples homes to take care of them. Time moves on, of course, and I’d like to know where I can go with my CNA license after I’m tired of […]

dental x-ray license?

I took a dental radiation safety course and there is a registration number on the certificate but I dont know how to tell if Im licensed to take x-rays when I get a job? does anyone know where I can go to check if I am?

Dentist’s, Assistant’s and Hygienist’s: Radiology License question?

I plan on moving to either: Maryland, Pennsylvania, or Delaware in the near future, due to my future husbands business. I have a current dental radiology license in the state of New Jersey. I am a certified dental assistant in the state of New Jersey, as well. I took the test atleast…5 yrs. ago for […]