How do these jobs use deductive reasoning?

How exactly do these specialists use deductive reasoning? I’m in allied health and today we were talking about deductive reasoning and I was very confused on how it works for these occupations. (Beside each job i typed what it is) Surgeons – Treat diseases, injuries, and deformities by invasive methods, such as manual manipulation or […]

What are some jobs in the health care field that have shortages of people besides nursing?

I was reading an article and I read this comment. forget a 4 year college This goes to show how a 4 year degree is becoming obsolete and a burden. A recent article on msn stated that almost 60 percent of America’s workforce, those with college degrees, are working in positions in which they are […]

I am thinking about majoring in government but what jobs are available for a government major?

I really don’t want to be a lawyer, but I love my government class in college, and I would be interested in changing my major from Radiology to government if I knew that there is a good job outlook for pursuing a major in government, can someone please help me in answering this question, greatly […]

Would like to get info on jobs in dental hygiene and radiology/sonography. Trying to decide on new career.?

I am 32. My youngest son is almost 5. Going to be starting school. Trying to decide if I should go back to school for some kind of career to better our future (so it’s not all on my husband). These two options interest me. Just wanted to maybe get some info on these jobs. […]

Does anyone have any experience with these jobs in the medical field?

Hospital Unit Secretary Administrative Medical Assistant Clinical Medical Assistant Radiologic Technologist I want to pursue one of the careers above but i cant decide! I really want to be a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (Ultrasound) but they do not offer that at the local college, but they do offer the classes for the jobs listed above. […]