MRI or Medical assistant job in New Jersey?

I am considering going to school for either MRI technician or Medical Assistant job in New Jersey. any thoughts on the idea if you are currently one or the other, or suggestions on where i could go to school. I have noticed that a lot of the medical assistand schools are just certificates ( i […]

Ultrasound Schools In New Jersey?

Please I would like to know whether there are some other accredited ultrasound schools in New Jersey apart from Sanford Brown and Hohokus business school?(Certificate program) Because I have tried all the search engines and they are the only ones that come up for the whole state! I will really appreciate it. Secondly, which accreditation […]

Are There Any Radiography Schools In New Jersey?

A google search found that you can study radiography at the County College of Morris in Randolph NJ.… This article from Mercer Community College seems to indicate that there are 17 college programs in radiography in NJ… I found this program guide to NJ community colleges on the NJ community college web site, […]