Medical imaging, whats it all about?

Does anyone do this for a living. X-ray,MRI,CAT scan etc. I am in San Diego. Where did you go to school? ,how much did it cost, and how long was your program, how hard was your schooling? How does your day play out. What do you make starting out and what can you hope to […]

Can A Chiropractor (d.c) Legally Perform Ct (cat Scan) Imaging As The Technologist In The State Of Illinois?

I would like to know if a DC can perform x-rays, ct scans, and mri legally in the state of illinois. Would they be able to perform these scans on their own patients? Would they be able to automatically perform these with on the job training or would they have to and be able to […]

What’s type of radiology certificate would you get if you wanted to do brain imaging?

I currently have a Bachelor’s degree and am planning to get a Masters degree in psychology. I am very interested in neurological research and would like to be involved in it… I was thinking about getting a radiology certificate so that I could perform brain imaging. I could also get a radiology job while completing […]

What Are The Odds That I Would Get An X-ray Imaging Job If I Haven’t Been In The Field For Over 2 Years?

I graduated and accredited program in 2004, received my ARRT license in october 2006 and have not touched a patient or machine since my internship in 2004. Is there a chance that some one would hire me or should I give up? I have recently taken a mammography class and am studying for my state […]