Thinking About Going To Back To School In The Health Care/medical Field?

I am thinking about going back to school in the fall to begin training for a new career in the medical/healthcare field. Can anyone please give me some info on different options (nurse, x-ray tech, mri tech, etc, etc, etc) and what they involve and what they pay? I am not sure exactly what field […]

Radiation Safety – Health Physicist Position – Best Place to Advertise?

We are trying to fill a Health Physicist (Review Application for Radioactive Material Licenses) Position and would appreciate any suggestion on the best places to advertise. The deadline for applications is July 28, 2009 I setup this temporary link to make it easier to find the information. Thank you

What are some jobs in the health care field that have shortages of people besides nursing?

I was reading an article and I read this comment. forget a 4 year college This goes to show how a 4 year degree is becoming obsolete and a burden. A recent article on msn stated that almost 60 percent of America’s workforce, those with college degrees, are working in positions in which they are […]

Should I major in Nursing, Radiology, or Health Info Tech? I need a path that i can advance on.?

I want to go into the healthcare field I’m only working part-time now and can’t afford to major in something that will be of no use to me in the immediate future. I was leaning towards an associates Health Info Technology (i.e. coding) but the demand for nurses is high also. I really want to […]

Mandatory Health Insurance — works like this, yes?

Today’s IBD has a reference to an article that recently appeared in the WSJ reporting the actual experience of one Massachusetts health insurance company [Harvard-Pilgrim] with the “you must buy health insurance” plan of that state for their fiscal year ended 3/31/09. According to the articles, 40% of the company’s new policy holders during that […]

Quick Certification for Allied Health Tech?

I know that a person can study for Pharm Tech certification test at home and get certified that way (instead of taking a formal class)….are there other types of allied health technician certifications that a person can study for at home, rather than taking an expensive course? Such as ultrasound tech, radiology tech, heart moniter […]

Allied Health Care Professionals!!!! Need your advice and expertise. Serious Answers only!?

I am 34 with a BS in Liberal Studies/Biology. I am thinking about switching careers, and I am highly interested in pursuing a career in the allied health field. I am particularly interested in nursing, nuclear medicine, sonography, and radiology (CAT scans and MRI). If you work in any of these professions, please tell why […]

A profit based health care system works best yes or no?

A profit based system requires that money is paid to investors. Executives running a for profit company put investors first. Investors will get a dividend quicker than workers get a pay raise. Companies having to meet wall street expectations have a fiducary responsibilty to maximize the return on investors money. In a hospital to cut […]

Health professions – Physical therapy, radiational therapy, etc.?

1) i want to be a physical therapist and i was wondering how many years of college it will take..i know there are mostly 6 year courses to being with but then i probably need to intern, etc. 2) also what is radiation therapy, occupational therapy, and sports medicine… do these take the same amount […]