Thinking About Going To Back To School In The Health Care/medical Field?

I am thinking about going back to school in the fall to begin training for a new career in the medical/healthcare field. Can anyone please give me some info on different options (nurse, x-ray tech, mri tech, etc, etc, etc) and what they involve and what they pay? I am not sure exactly what field […]

Whats going on with my mom?

Ok, my mom has had a history of overexaggerating things. She has said that she has had cancer twice that I could remember. Her first occurence of cancer happened after a small car accident. She was in the front passenger seat and we were lightly rear-ended. Shortly after that, she was having problems moving her […]

How important is it to be very good at math and science when going into ultrasound?

I’m starting ultrasound school and I’m wondering how important it is to be extremely good at math and science? I’m extremely interested in science and seem to be rather good at it now since I’ve gone back to college as an adult. However, on the math side, I’ve always struggled a bit. I’m starting out […]

Is AP Biology a good class to take in high school if I am going to major in Radiation Therapy in college?

I’m not sure whether or not to take AP Biology because I will definitely have a lot of stuff on my plate for my senior year. I don’t know if it would be helpful in my studying during college making it easier…? Should I DEFINITELY take this class or will it just be a waste […]

Bachelors in radiation therapy- planning on going for p.a. program for masters?

I am planning on attending cal state northridge in fall 2008 with a health science major- radiation therapy. After I obtain my bachelors degree in radiation therapy, I would like to apply to a two- year p.a. program school such as Loma Linda, USC, or other ones in California. Am I on the right track […]

Whats The Difference Between Cross Training In Mri Or Going To An Actual School Based Program?

will be attending radiography school, but was wondering if i should look into attending MRI programs, or is cross level on the job training just as good? eventually i definetly want to be in the Magentic Resonance Imaging field and would like to know the best way to go about it?

I Am Interested In Going To School For Ultrasound. Should I Go For An Associates Or A Bachelors?

I currently have a an associate degree in business management and computer software, a certificate of diversity management, and phlebotomy. I am not having any luck in finding employment. I am thinking of going to school for ultrasound. What can you do with a bachelors that you can not do with an associates? Do you […]