Are there Americans that would rather find common ground and unite than fight over political demagogue?

I’m happen to be a liberal and think Johnson supported and signed the best legislation that pertains to me. However, my conservative friend is a republican. He recently lost his job and needs an MRI on his knee but doesn’t have insurance because he cannot afford it. I explained the current legislation plan for a […]

How hard is it to find a residency program for radiology after medical school?

How competetive is it to find a residency program after completing 4 years of medical school in radiology? The reason of my concern is that I am considering radiology a career choice for myself. I know i have what it takes to get into medical school but once i am there the competition is a […]

Is it hard to find work in the US as a Radiation Therapist with a BS?

I’m looking for a serious career change, and I really want to make sure it’s a stable field – especially since I have a family to support. I’ve done my research, and (among others) states that radiation therapy is an excellent choice due to salary and job outlook over the next ~10 years, but […]

Where can I find radiology certification/courses in Chattanooga, TN?

**Asking for a friend** I am currently living just outside of Chattanooga, TN and I am trying to search for schools that offer classes for radiology certification. I’m so sick and tired of my dead end retail experiences and need a fresh change for the better. I would prefer a school that would have me […]

Is it hard for a medical diagnostic sonographer to find jobs that do not specialize in baby ultrasounds?

I need to know what is the job market for medical Sonographery with a specialize area in something other than the popular ob/gyn related option. Is it worth it to prep for something other than baby ultrasounds and there are only two jobs a year available?

How hard is it to find a job as an ultrasound technician in Charlotte, NC?

I’m starting school next semester on becoming an ultrasound technician but I’m so afraid that I will not find a job. Please HELP! It would be great to get an answer from someone who is an actual ultrasound technician living in north Carolina. If not, how demanding is it I’m your state? And how much […]