Thinking About Going To Back To School In The Health Care/medical Field?

I am thinking about going back to school in the fall to begin training for a new career in the medical/healthcare field. Can anyone please give me some info on different options (nurse, x-ray tech, mri tech, etc, etc, etc) and what they involve and what they pay? I am not sure exactly what field […]

Is there anyone in the medical field, such as nursing or radiology,that has misdemeanors and able to get a job

Just wondering if there is anyone in my shoes, that has 2 class c misdemeanors and was still able to get a job in the medical field, such as nursing or radiology??? I was charged with “open container” and “littering” last year and wondering if this could really hurt me later on?? I am currently […]

What are some jobs in the health care field that have shortages of people besides nursing?

I was reading an article and I read this comment. forget a 4 year college This goes to show how a 4 year degree is becoming obsolete and a burden. A recent article on msn stated that almost 60 percent of America’s workforce, those with college degrees, are working in positions in which they are […]

Is there a “tough” 19 inch lcd monitor for radiograph display?

I’m a radiology specialist in the U.S. Army and am looking for some tough, rugged 19″ LCD displays that I could use for displaying radiographs in a field environment. We have some rugged notebook computers, but their tiny displays just don’t cut it when it comes to viewing diagnostic quality images, and I would really […]

im in school to be a radiation therapies it a four year degree can i be a navy officer and practice my field ?

im in school to become a radiation therapis i wont to be a officer in the navy i just want to know will be able to do what i went to school for are will be retrained to do what the navy want me to do some body please help me thanks !!!!!