How much can an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant earn per hour in Merrillville Indiana ?

I have been a Dental Assistant for 7 yrs. I am proficient in Coronal polishing. I can take a DIAGNOSTIC set of Full mouth and Bite-wing Radiographs. I have Lab work experience, i.e., taking impressions, pouring plaster models and cleaning & polishing removable appliances. I was also responsible for training new Dental Assistants as hired. […]

Help with chronic dental pain?

I have had chronic and severe pain in my teeth on the right side for several years. In particular it seems to effect teeth #’s 4, 5, 6, 30, 27 and 24. I have gone to several dentists and have even had RCT done on #’s 5 and 30 but nothing seems to alleviate the […]

which one is the best career overall:nursing,radiology tech or dental hygienist?

any better choice in medical?I have a very good GPA,and ready to study hard courses.I am married with two kids.I am looking for the best associate degree in medical and I am looking for the one that gives me the opportunity to go through more advance education.Thanks in advance for your advise.

Would like to get info on jobs in dental hygiene and radiology/sonography. Trying to decide on new career.?

I am 32. My youngest son is almost 5. Going to be starting school. Trying to decide if I should go back to school for some kind of career to better our future (so it’s not all on my husband). These two options interest me. Just wanted to maybe get some info on these jobs. […]

Why is it when looking between a career in Dental Hygiene and one in Radiology as a Technologist, or Nursing,?

the responses are all negative with respect to the dental choice? Are there no jobs in this field? The recent reports of medical careers being in high demand would make someone think that these were both good choices. Any positive responses are welcomed as I am considering several options in the medical area. Thanks.

dental x-ray license?

I took a dental radiation safety course and there is a registration number on the certificate but I dont know how to tell if Im licensed to take x-rays when I get a job? does anyone know where I can go to check if I am?