Is there Any schools that offer a online associates degree in Radiology Tech?

I’ve researched it, but it’s hard to find. I’ve heard that there are some that you can get a degree online (i’ve graduated high-school ’09) and just study under the closest hospital nearest where you are that has the accreditation that is needed. Could you please tell me of some schools online where I could […]

2nd bachelor’s degree question?

I have a BA in English, but would really like to go back to school so that I can work in the medical field. While there are associates programs in some of the programs I am interested in (respiratory therapy, radiation therapy, diagnostic medical ultrasound), there are bachelor’s programs too. As a bachelor’s is more […]

How did you decide what to get your degree in?

I’m 28 & a mother of 2 girls (one is 7 and one is 8 months). I started college 6 years ago & finished my freshmen year- just taking the basic credits you need for anything. I finally started back this fall semester . Originally I was going to go to school for Interior Design, […]

I have a bachelors degree in arts (IND) and i am looking for a career change in radiology technology in the US?

i have the foll questions 1. Can you do part time course in this field 2. how many years is it 3. what is the starting salary for a RT 4. what are the career prospects once you complete training in particular is it easy to find jobs in this field for beginners with no […]

im in school to be a radiation therapies it a four year degree can i be a navy officer and practice my field ?

im in school to become a radiation therapis i wont to be a officer in the navy i just want to know will be able to do what i went to school for are will be retrained to do what the navy want me to do some body please help me thanks !!!!!

What do most hospitals looks for in a ultrasound technician? Does it matter where they obtain their degree?

I have been very interested in going to school to become a ultrasound technician. I know there are several schools such as Sanford Brown/Apollo College that offers a program for this but I have heard that many hospitals wont hire you based on some of the colleges and that your safest bet is to go […]

Is a Bachelor’s Degree necessary to become a Radiation Therapist?

I’ve been researching this and some websites say A Bachelor’s Degree is not necessary to become a Radiation Therapist and all you need is an Associate’s Degree. However, I’ve seen websites saying that there are Bachelor Degrees in Radiation Therapy, so why would they have them unless they are needed? I can see that if […]

Help! A degree in Radiography plus a certificate in Radiation Therapy or a degree in Radiation Therapy?

I’m so confused . I’m looking to start a new career and am interested in Radiation Therapy. The school I’m looking at offers an associates degree in Radiography, Radiation Therapy, and Radiation Therapy Specialist. When researching, some say you should get a degree in Radiography and then a certificate in Radiation Therapy Specialist, others say […]

After getting a degree in radiology techgnology, where should I go to get a Bachelor’s degree for MRI tech.?

Does anyone know where I can go to study and become a MRI technologist? Yes, I know that I need a Bachelor’s degree in radiologic science but I wanted to know if majoring in other things like biology or chemistry is okay as well? If bio. or chem. major is not okay then what schools […]

Does it matter if you have an associate, certification, or bachelor’s degree for Radiologist Technologist.

My mother, who has no expeience in the field, insists that it matters if I have a Bachelor’s V.S. an Associate degree in Radiology. Is there a pay increase for a Bachelor’s degree? Also, how do you get certified to be a MRI Technologist?

Why pursue a Bachelors degree for a Radiation Therapist vs. an Associate Degree?

After doing some preliminary research, I’m not quite sure whether to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Radiation Therapy or just get an Associate Degree. The one school closest to me in NY offers a Associated Degree program. Is there an advantage in getting a Bachelors degree? I assume the salary will be different. Thanks in […]