I want to go to college ..again?

I’m toying with the idea of going to a 2 year technical school to get a degree for Radiation Therapy. Ive already completed a bachelors in Business Mgt. I am now 35 years old and want a career change. My GPA in my major in college was a 3.0. Are there Grants or loans for […]

College and my major……?

I’m thinking about going to school to major in Radiologic Technology a.k.a. a radiologic technologist. Is this a good career is it safe and will the radiation im exposed to cause cancer and etc just asking. My other choice would be to major in respiratory therapy what do you all think about that???????

How can I convince my parent’s to let me go to college farther away?

It’s not a matter of trying to get away from them. I love my family very much. But I am majoring in radiation therapy and not that many colleges offer that major at a bachelors level. The ones closer to home in the northeast are very very expensive. The ones farther away 10hrs-25hrs from home […]

Need to know if a college will accept a College Algebra credit past the 7 year deadline?

I’m taking prerequisites right now so I can apply for a radiation therapy program in a couple of years. One of the prerequisites is College Algebra & Trigonometry. The math credit cannot be more than 7 years old. I took College Algebra, but when I apply for the program it will have been 8 yrs […]

Is AP Biology a good class to take in high school if I am going to major in Radiation Therapy in college?

I’m not sure whether or not to take AP Biology because I will definitely have a lot of stuff on my plate for my senior year. I don’t know if it would be helpful in my studying during college making it easier…? Should I DEFINITELY take this class or will it just be a waste […]

What program in college should I study if I want a career as a Radiologic Technologist?

I am going back to school!! I want to get my Associates Degree with hopes of a career as a Radiologic tecnologist or technician. The college offers Radiography, Nuclear Medicine Technology and Radiation Therapy Technology. I DO plan on talking to a advisor in the future i just want to get a suggestion for other […]

I have passed my high school,i want to do associate in radiationtherapy , which classes i takeIN college?

which classes i take in college to enter ASSOCIATE OF RADIATION THERAPYIN USA and tell me difference between asoociate in radiology technology and associate in radiation therapy?and there jobs wages per hour in CALIFORNIA ,USA