Which is a better career choice in terms of mobility, and future job prospects? Sonography or Radiology?

I was looking into Radiologic Technology and Diagnostic Medical Sonography for career choices. It looks like Sonography pays better, but they both have various areas of specialization. Are they basically the same or does either exceed the other in marketability, job prospects, mobility, etc…

Which is the better choice for majoring in radiation therapy?

I’m pretty sure right now that I want to study radiation therapy when I go to college but I’m having trouble choosing which college I want to attend. I live in Ohio and there aren’t many universities that offer radiation therapy. Mostly community colleges offer it but they only offer an associates degree and I […]

Which is better to study…Radiation Therapy or Radiography?

Therapy – http://www.smccme.edu/catalog/2006-2007/index.php?section=5&navid=106&docid=254 Radiography – http://www.smccme.edu/catalog/2006-2007/index.php?section=5&navid=107&docid=258 When I say better, I mean which offers more job oppurtunities. Is Radiography more versatile than therapy. can i just get therapy training at work….etc….thanks folks.

Need a new job, looking into auto repair but the pay stinks. Any related fields that pay better?

I am currently an MRI technician but am just not into it. I love working on cars but the base pay for a new auto technician is average at best. I am currently making an hour in michigan so it would have to be at least that. Is their any kind of specialties that would […]