Becoming an mri tech before xray tech?

I have just recently learned that instead of going to school for 2 years to become an xray tech and then specialising in mri or ct i could just go into an mri tech training program without becoming an xray tech first. Are there any negatives to doing this are there things that are taught […]

i need help and info. about becoming a prenatal ultrasound technician. job description.. requirements.. help!?

i am intereseted in becoming a prenatal ultrasound technician(babies.. pregnant women etc.). it sounds like a great job until i was told that its a depressing job?? (i was told that you deal with cancer sometimes.. etc) can someone who works as an ultrasound technician with pregnancy please shed some light on your job and […]

I Am Looking To Get Information On Becoming A Ultrasound Technician. Courses And Schools In Ontario Canada?

I am thinking of changing careers and would like to know if any one has information on becoming a ultrasound technician or x-ray technician. I am looking for information on what schools offer the programs needed and also salary expectations. If anyone out there is an ultrasound technician or knows one, I would appreciate any […]