Can a licensed Nuclear med tech substitue as a medical assistant ?

I am certified in Nuclear Medicine technology, but there are few jobs open in Tampa, Florida. I did bp, ekg’s, phlebotomy etc. as a Nuc. med. tech. Could I use this experience as a Medical Assistant ? I also explained procedures to patients. Took patient info and insurance paper work. In an out patient imaging […]

How much can an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant earn per hour in Merrillville Indiana ?

I have been a Dental Assistant for 7 yrs. I am proficient in Coronal polishing. I can take a DIAGNOSTIC set of Full mouth and Bite-wing Radiographs. I have Lab work experience, i.e., taking impressions, pouring plaster models and cleaning & polishing removable appliances. I was also responsible for training new Dental Assistants as hired. […]

MRI or Medical assistant job in New Jersey?

I am considering going to school for either MRI technician or Medical Assistant job in New Jersey. any thoughts on the idea if you are currently one or the other, or suggestions on where i could go to school. I have noticed that a lot of the medical assistand schools are just certificates ( i […]

Which career gives lots of openings in the job market today? Physician Assistant or Medical Ultrasound Tech?

Which career gives lots of openings in the job market today, for fresh grads? Physician Assistant or Medical Ultrasound Tech? Please reply. Don’t say “it depends on where you are.” It doesn’t help. I want to know generally in nation-wide. Thanks.