Need advice on education…?

I am 29 with no college experience. I am also a single mom with elderly parents. I have a sitter thats good, but I don’t want her to raise my child! Ya know? But I need to get an education and get a better job (I lost mine in October and have been working temp […]

Career advice: Radiology/Nuclear Medicine Tech or Registered Nurse?

I am at the point of changing careers. Leaving business and following my dream of going into the medical field. Im at a crossroads right now… I have a major interest in both the Rad Tech field and Registered Nursing. I want to go with what is more stable, more opportunity, and pay. I strongly […]

Med School advice!?!?

Ok so im about to graduate high school soon. I want to become a doctor. I have a 4.0 GPA in high school and im taking advanced placement classes. IB biology, and IB math, and anatomy. I Want to be a doctor so my question is…………..what’s the best undergraduate degree to get that PREPARES you […]

Good advice needed. Should I keep this cat?

Good advice needed! Should I keep this cat (please read all details)? Well basically I was a huge animal lover all growing up and still am. I have some mental issues and a history of violent behavior when not on meds. I was also very immature and have a history of irrational behavior. After being […]

Allied Health Care Professionals!!!! Need your advice and expertise. Serious Answers only!?

I am 34 with a BS in Liberal Studies/Biology. I am thinking about switching careers, and I am highly interested in pursuing a career in the allied health field. I am particularly interested in nursing, nuclear medicine, sonography, and radiology (CAT scans and MRI). If you work in any of these professions, please tell why […]

advice an a hypochondriac friend!?

Now, one of my two best friends is a hypochondriac. Although I love being with her and being her friend, her hypochondriasness (sp??) is starting to bug me. Numerous trips to the doctor, (at least once a week). Always claiming shes got a cold, or she pulled a muscle, or slipped over. Well, a month […]

Need advice about serious auto accident in CA two weeks ago in which the at-fault driver had no insurance.?

1. Other car was south bound, lost control and crossed the 101 divider and hit my north bound car. 2. Other driver was killed instantly. He had no insurance and a suspended license. Police report hasn’t been released yet but driver may have been drunk. Insurance was cancelled in March when license was suspended. Does […]

Cat Scan Advice Please?

I’m having a cat scan tomorrow at nine. They gave me two enormous bottles of Barium. Will it affect my body? Will it make me crap my pants or something? I’m really scared. My Mom is expecting me to return to school afterwards and I’m afraid something really bad would happen if you know what […]

Does Anyone Have Advice For An Aspiring Ultrasound I Need To Become A Rad Tech 1st? If So Is It Safe?

I currentley work as an administrative assistant which pays lousy unless you have a BA. Last year I returned to school after 10 years (I’m 35). I want to start a new career asap as I am a single mom with 3 kids and time is tight. I was considering nursing because I like working […]