Some original, specific, high school clubs that will make a difference?

I’m a sophomore in high school, and I’m trying to make an original club which will make a difference in my community.
I’m already a member of Key club (a general community service club) so instead I’m trying to come up with a club that just has one main goal/purpose, and that is innovative and original. (ie: NOT just raising money for a foundation, etc)

Some people I know (and graduated already) have made clubs that:
1. set a goal to raise a certain amount of old computers, gathered a bunch from neighbors and friends, refurbished the computers themselves, and then distributed them to the less fortunate.
2. knit beanie hats for cancer patients that went through chemo & radiation therapy, had a goal of i think it was 1000, and distributed them to a foundation which gave the hats to these people.

^^ I’m thinking of something along the lines of those clubs mentioned. I want it to be hands on and original, with one goal and purpose.
obviously I am not going to copy the people above, but I’m trying to think of something along the same lines.

any ideas?

thanks so much :)