So, I have a few questions about the Medical Field?

If you have seen the show ”House” can you answer these following questions?

I have a few questions. I am not expecting answers for all three, but if you can answer all three, that would be nice.

1) What kind of doctor is Dr. House exactly? Is there anything like that in real life I can do? (Am I making any sense?) What are some of the jobs in the show that the other Doctors have?

2) CAT Scans; is there a specific doctor (or something) for this certain type of job?

3) What is the easiest career that takes the least amount of schooling in the Medical Field?

*I know this may be an odd question, but I was just wondering. Any help is appreciated. Thanks for answering in advance!*


  1. Diane A says

    1. There is no true specialty like Dr House, he is a mix of a infectious disease specialist, an immunologist, internal medicine and a few others. And reality is no where similar to Dr House.
    2. CT scans are read by radiologists, they are taken by CT techs.
    3. There are many careers in the medical field that range from 2 years to 6 months. Such as a CNA, EMT, lab tech, histotech, cytotech, 2 year RN, LVN, cath lab tech, surg tech, phlebotomist, pump tech, etc etc. There are dozens. You just need to do some research.