Should i go to school tomorrow?

well i had a cat scan yesterday of my pelvis and abdomen because of all my stomach problems. Soo in that cat scan they got a little bit of my lungs, and saw something in them; sooo today i went back to the same place, and got a chest x-ray. they didnt say anything about my x-ray. when they saw something in my lungs they said i might have pneumonia, but i dont feel like im that sick; my stomach just hurts a whole bunch. i want to go to school because i have huge tests going. please answer!!


  1. beautiful says

    If you want to go then I don’t see why you can’t. if your up for it then people should act upon your decision not there’s.. If you believe your fine (they never. Said it was serious) it’s probably not that bad. If the pain stops you throughout the day however you should go to the nurse, call home, and go to bed. False predictions, like your happen few times doctors and nurses misread or mix up some things due to sleepiness but they do get fixed upon info given during the situation at hand…