Need some help…taking daughter to get MRI (maybe)?

Is there any place in Michigan where I can get help with gas to take my daughter to her doctor’s appointment?

My 15 month old daughter is scheduled to get an MRI at a children’s hospital 100 miles away this Wednesday. This is the closest hospital that can do it because she will have to be sedated because of her age. It is very important that she get this done because they suspect that she suffered brain damage at birth that has resulted in motor and language delays. The problem is that we do not have the money right now to drive this far with gas at a gallon. Where can we get help to get our daughter to her appointment?

I live in rural Michigan. There are no buses that drive this distance and no big towns in between. I have already been trying to find help. Everyone is hurting to much from losing most of the jobs in our area to have money to spare so nobody is able to take us.
It is probably true that every hospital will sedate in an emergency. However, this is a planned MRI and the risk of injury due to the sedation is higher because she is a baby. The hospital (and us) would rather send her to a place that specializes in sedating infants and children. They don’t want to be sued and we don’t want our daughter to accidentally be hurt because the anesthesiologist is not use to sedating infants.


  1. Elisabeth C says

    um almost every hospital will sudate for MRI if you have an actuall reason all they need is an anestsiologist and every hosptial has one contact you local hosptial i am very closterphobic and 14 and i am put to sleep for them i know your far from here but cincinnati does it my local hospital in a small small town does it get numbers of every local hospital and ask if they will do it they can always fax the results and images to the doctor to look at them.

    i pray everything is okay for her and that the financial problems will soon be over

    God Bless