Need advice about serious auto accident in CA two weeks ago in which the at-fault driver had no insurance.?

1. Other car was south bound, lost control and crossed the 101 divider and hit my north bound car.
2. Other driver was killed instantly. He had no insurance and a suspended license. Police report hasn’t been released yet but driver may have been drunk. Insurance was cancelled in March when license was suspended. Does lien holder on car have any liablity? How do I find out if at-fault driver has assets?
3. I was the passenger in a friend’s car. I sustained minor injuries but spent a night in the hospital for testing and observation. Medical bills will be in excess of K between ambulance, ER, doctor bills, CAT scans, etc.
4. Friend’s insurance has k/k uninsured motorist coverage.
5. My auto insurance has 00 PIP and my underinsured policy may cover the additional difference. I’m in TX.
6. I don’t want to get stuck with this bill. Already, the hospital and ambulance company are calling and sending me bills.

Any advice on how to proceed.



  1. A A says

    it’s illegal not to have insurance
    nothing should really happen to your friend; it’s not their fault
    I don’t know how to go about finding out about his assets

    they will probably contact his family to tell them he’s dead

    well at least that suspended drunk shattered on impact… good riddance!

  2. Scott H says

    Do you have medical insurance, like through your employer? Use that to cover all or some of your medical expenses.