My Daughter and I were in a car accident Monday night by a DRUNK DRIVER!?

We were at a light and were talking about the light being red and stoping. She is almost three in July. Well about a few seconds later I heard scretching and saw the driver in my rear mirror coming at me and BOOM! Our van was totaled and the truck. He had a big chevy truck. The guy that hit us had no license, no ins, no english speaking and was under the influence of alchcohol. He had a open bear can in his cab.
Thank god my daughter and I made it! I hurt real bad all over, especially my neck. We were taken to the ER by ambulance and were checked out okay. I have a lawyer coming over tomorrow, but should I see a doctor before the lawyer comes? to have on record? Or does it matter, since they ER gave me a CAT scan? my daughter saw her doctor today and was fine. She also had a chest xray at the hosp. She is fine too. oh yes he was arrested and handcuffed but did not get a breath test. Do they do that at the station? I will call tomorrow to see if a report has been made yet?
How long does it take for the report? We are goining to join the M.A.D.D. organization.
How long does it take for the report? We are goining to join the M.A.D.D. organization.
I have good ins and uninsured motorist, but no GAP when I bought the van, the dealer does not offer it. I am stuck with 8,000 bucks that was upside down and no van. How can I pay this and get another van? I have a rental for free, but that only lasts for so long.


  1. CGIV76 says

    I’m glad you, and your daughter are O.K.. Whip lash does not show up on x rays, and I guarantee with that type of impact, you’re going to be feeling the pain shortly. Other tests on the driver were most likely given at the station, or a hospital. Don’t hesitate to see a doctor if you experience any discomfort. As far as recovering any money, I think your attorney should handle that one.

  2. FLOYD R says

    Did the people at the ER say anything about following up withyour doctor???

    Did you notify YOUR ins co.

    Are all Your bases covered?


    Document your medical check-ups and damages incurred by your vehicle. Then file a complaint against the driver of the car that bumped you for reckless imprudence resulting to damages so that he will be charged in court and be ordered to pay all the damages you sustained.

  4. Carol S says

    Thankfully you are both ok but sorry to hear about the van and other problems. The breathalyzer can be done by the officers at the scene if they have the equipment but not all departments do that. Many times they do the tests at the station and hopefully they did in this case but not sure if you can get copies of those records, something you will have to check into. Your lawyer can always subpeona the information if this goes to court.

    Contact the Records Section of the police department where this happened and find out how to get a copy of the report and what it will cost for that copy ~ then when it’s ready, go down and purchase a copy. You can always make copies off that for anyone else who may need one but mark yours with a yellow mark at the top of each original page so you know which pages are yours.

    Also contact the hospital and find out how to get copies of your medical report and if you are having problems with your neck, you may want to do follow-up visits with a neurologist and document your injuries and any treatments through them. Also get copies of your daughter’s doctor visit so you can show she was checked out by someone.

    Save yourself some money by getting copies of all the records you can so you won’t have to pay the attorney for the time they put into getting all that information. Sounds like you have enough money problems without that, too.

    Good luck to you and your daughter and hope all goes well.

  5. drgoodtunes says

    Sue the driver for the $8000.

    The lawyer may want you to go to “his” doctor. Go to the one he says.

  6. mom of many says

    alot of counties are now doing blood tests for dui”s and they do them at a hospital, doctors office or at police station if they have nursing staff. I think they say the blood tests are more accurate.

  7. .. .this can't be good says

    Thank goodness you are OK first. Second, start documenting everything. Write a daily journal of new aches and pains, and they will continue for about a week. Keep copies of everything from the doctors and hospitals. They will have the records on file, but you having it on hand is best. I don’t think it matters if you see the attorney or doctor first. Just keep your attorney in the loop. Don’t sign anything from the insurance company without your lawyer seeing it.