My boyfriend needs his wisdom teeth removed, but does not have the money?

He’s 20 years old. I’m in the dental hygiene program and I used him as one of my radiograph patients. After seeing his radiographs the dentist and I noticed all 4 wisdom teeth are impacted and are putting pressure against his second molars.

He wants them removed, but can’t afford it. He only makes 0 a week. Is there a way he can work out a payment plan or something with the oral surgeon?


  1. TXDiver says

    Most dental providers offer a credit card type plan. It varies from office to office because the dentist get a kick back from it.
    The other route is to find an oral surgeons school (univ.) and offer to be their guinea pig. You can get the same care from students for about 25% of the standard cost.
    Third. If you live near a border, or have a shor tflight to another country like Mexico, or the Carribean, you can get significant savigns on dental elsewhere.
    If he joins the military, they will do it for free!

  2. UniversalDentalPlan says

    Most dentists can work out payment plans on a case by case basis for major procedures like this. A possible option for him also is to join a discount dental savings program. Its an alternative to dental insurance and there are no waiting periods or restrictions on most of those plans, but make sure to read each one carefully before deciding!

    This way he can get the care he needs right away and save anywhere from 20-50% off on the tooth extractions. Every little bit helps…

    If you guys happen to live in the Massachusetts area an affordable discount dental program called Universal Dental Plan ( may be a good choice for you.