Is there a difference in a Radiologist and Radiology Technician?

The college I want to attend offers a major in Radiology Technician, and the coursework includes much more than just anatomy and XRays, and the description of the major says you’ll have a job as a Radiologist.
But the title of the major is Radiology Technician.

Is there a difference in a radiologist and a radiology tech?


  1. Tiare says

    there is a HUGE difference and there is a mistake in your course literature. you absolutely will not be a radiologist once you finish this course. Radiologists are MD who have completed 4 yrs college and 4 yrs medical school and completed a radiology training residency. Radiology tech takes the pictures for the radiologist to evaluate

  2. RadTech - RT(R)(ARRT) says

    Tiare is correct. Just out of curiosity, would you tell me what school it is?