I Would Like To Know More About What It Takes To Be A Radiology Tech, And What The Job Requires.?

I am going back to school this summer, but really havent decided a career. i am 26 with 2 kids and 2 stepkids, going to school for a low paying job is not realistic for me. I have to concider daycare being so expensive, and with local schools, I dont have alot to choose from. I never would of thought about radiology but now it’s what i’ve got my heart set on. What exactly does this career involve. I like hands on jobs, I couldnt imagine sitting all day doing the exact same thing over and over. Another thing is I can’t stand difficult math, (calculus, hard algebra) is this something I would have to do everyday? Please respond if this is the path you have chosen and let me know anything and everything about your job! Thanks so much!